Audio Center – High Quality Loudspeaker Systems, Line Arrays, Loudspeaker Signal Processing, Replacement Parts Loudspeaker Systems for Install, Touring, Amplifiers, Consoles, Control Products.
Pioneer Pro DJ – Pioneer DJ Products are the industry standard for Professional DJs. Digital Turntables, DVD Turntables, CD Players, Mixers, and Headphones.
Camco – CAMCO is a manufacturer of high-end pro audio amplifiers, DSP- and audio network solutions, which have gained a worldwide reputation for transparent sonic performance, extreme power and ultra reliability.
ISolution – One of the Worlds Best Intelligent and LED Lighting Provider. Moving HEAD, Par Cans, Followspot, LED’s, Intelligent Scanner’s
Deliya – Moving Heads, Scanners, LED’s Par, Controller, Followspot
Denon Professional – Professional CD/Media Players, Video Players, Mixers, CD and Solid State Recorders, AV Receivers, Power Amplifiers, Studio Monitors, Ceiling Speakers, Lecterns, WIFI and Bluetooth Transmitters and Receivers, SSD Recorders, Studio Monitors, Portable PA System, Portable PA, Analog and Digital Tuners, Power Amplifiers, Install Speakers, Gooseneck Microphones, Rack-Mount Systems
Behringer – Manufacturer of a wide range of professional audio equipment such as mixing console, compressor, and guitar amplifiers
GOTHAM CABLES - High Quality Audio Video Cables And Splitters
Silver Star – Professional Lighting, Lasers, Architectural Lighting and LED fixtures
AKG - Accessories, Headphones, Microphones, Wireless Systems
AKG products translate sounds as encountered in the world of nature, speech and music into the signals used by the world of audio and communication electronics, and vice versa. Perfectly at home in both worlds, AKG engineers use their unique expertise, knowledge, and innovative spirit to creat products that combine advanced engineering with manufacturing excellence at the highest level of audio performance and quality.   
ALLEN & HEATH – DJ Mixers, Mixing Consoles, Studio and Live Sound Mixers
We've built a lot of mixers in the last 30 years or so (over 150,000 at the last count) and we still get a huge buzz out of doing it well. It's an unbeatable feeling to know that at any time of day or night, right across the globe, there is an Allen & Heath mixer out there working hard, sounding great and making life a little easier for the guy at the controls.    
ANCHOR AUDIO -  Powerful Portable Sound Systems, Portable PA Systems, Wireless Microphone Systems, Powered Speaker Monitor for Voice & Music, Portable Lectern & Sound System, Wireless Intercom Systems, Wired Intercom System for Multiple Applications - PORTACOM "Best Wired Intercom System", Assistive Listening Like Tour Guide Systems for Factory Or Noisy Environments, Wireless Mic System, Headsets
ATLAS SOUND – Accessories, Broadcast, Commercial Racks, Institutional
AUDIO TECHNICA – Accessories, Headphones, Microphones, Turntables, Wireless Systems
BSS AUDIO – Crossovers, Dynamic Signal Processors, Equalizers
Audio quality, is the basic philosophy behind BSS and the design of their products, which is what signal processing is about. They're very innovative, and give people features that make the job easier. Virtually every product BSS makes has some special feature to set it apart from the rest.
CHAUVET – Controllers, Fog/Snow/Bubble Machines, Lights, Packages, Tools & Accessories
COMMUNITY – Loudspeaker Systems
Community continues to do what we’ve become known for since Bruce Howze first founded the company. We start with unique and practical ideas designed to bring the highest level of communication to sound reproduction. These ideas then evolve into unique designs manufactured with rigorous and sophisticated techniques, coupled with new proprietary materials and transducers, to achieve superior standards of acoustic excellence. Beyond that, we constantly look for new ways to better develop and provide the finest audio reproduction technologies to the world marketplace.
COUNTRYMAN - Microphones, E6, E6i, Omni, Directional, Headset, Podium, Lapel
CREST – Amplifiers, Consoles, Control Products
CRESTRON - Advanced Touch Panel Control & Automation Systems
CROWN AUDIO – Amplifiers, Microphones, Mixers, Accessories, Systems Control Products
Engineered from the bottom up for top-notch performance and unmatched reliability, Crown’s amplifiers, microphones & accessories represent the wave of the future for power equipment. At CPS, we can't think of equipment in its class that runs longer, kicks harder, and sounds better than theirs! These monsters are full of the power, performance, and reliability that have made Crown equipment a common name in the most prestigious installations & touring systems!
DBX PROFESSIONAL – Compressors, Equalizers, Gates & Preamplifiers, Signal Processing
Founded in 1971, dbx Professional Products has collectively produced more than 37 patents that continue to forge and reshape the technology in live, install and tour professional audio markets today.The people at dbx Professional Products apply the paradigm that you really can be all things to all people.
DIGITECH – Accessories, Controllers, Effects. Emulate, re-create, invigorate. Digital modelling and effects.
DRAPER - motorized and manual projection screens, portable folding screens, permanently tensioned screens, acoustically transparent screens, full assortment of front and rear screen fabrics, complete line of diffusion coated glass and acrylic rear screens, industry's brightest fresnel/lenticular rear screens, screen masking systems, visual presentation easels, integrated systems furniture videowalls, video projector support structures, presentation rail systems, modular A/V cabinet systems, video projector lifts, draping systems, linear laser pointers, lecterns and command and control consoles.
EAW – Loudspeaker Signal Processing, Replacement Parts Loudspeaker Systems for Install, Touring
The development of audio technologies is a science - but it is also an art. To merge both concepts together during loudspeaker design requires ingenious technical skill and passionate creativity. Since its inception in 1978, EAW has successfully displayed its mastery of this conceptual merger through our highly acclaimed and technologically superior product offerings.
ELECTROVOICE – Amplifiers, Microphones – Wired, Microphones – Wireless, Replacement Parts, Signal Processing, Speakers
EV are one of the most highly respected designers and manufacturers of high quality sound equipment including speakers amplifiers and processing equipment. 
EMINENCE – Drivers and Parts, Loudspeakers
ETA LIGHTING - Light Control Systems
ETA Systems is the leader in providing cost effective, high performance AC power solutions for AV installations. ETA Systems focuses on meeting the needs of AV contractors, integrators, and design/build firms. By taking complete control of AC power we help our customers reduce costs while increasing reliability, profitability, and customer satisfaction. 
FURMAN – AC Power Conditioning, Distribution Products, Signal Processing
GEMINI - DJ Equipment, Accessories, Amplifiers, Mixers, CD/MP3 Players, Turntables, Headphones, Outboards, Speakers, Wireless, Road Cases, iSeries
GRUNDORF - Equipment Racks & Enclosures
HEAR TECHNOLOGIES - Mixers, Hub, Four Packs, Hear Back, Talk Back, Freedom Back, Accessories, Cables
INTELIX – Matrix Mixers, Paging Systems, VCA
Intelix manufactures audio and video distribution equipment designed to solve specific industry application challenges faced by systems integrators and design/build contractors.Room Combine, Audio/Video Matrix Distribution, Musician-Controlled Monitor Mixing, Mic/Line Mixing, Audio/Video over Cat 5 Baluns
JBL PROFESSIONAL – Accessories, Broadcast, Cinema, Contracting, Control Series 200, Control Series 300, EON, JRX, Live Sound, Stage Monitors, Loudspeakers, LSR, Marquis, MRX, PA Speakers, All-In-One, PRX Series, Recording, Replacement Parts, Speaker Stands & Mounts, SRX Series, Surround, Touring, VerTec, VP Series, VRX Series
Playback the last 50 years of music and motion picture recording and one name stands alone: JBL. Before THX and Dolby, before stereo and even hi-fi, there was JBL. TOday, JBL's well-earned reputation has placed its speakers in 70% of all professional institutions, including legendary recording studios, famous concert venues and premier movie houses.
JUICE GOOSE – Rack Mount AC Power Strips & Conditioners
KLARK TEKNIK – Parametric & Graphic Equalizers, Signal Processing
Even today, Klark Teknik continues to uphold the original vision of the Clarke brothers: innovation in design, followed by uncompromising dedication to engineering and sonic quality. Uniquely in its field, Klark Teknik also provides the customer with an opportunity to invest in leading-edge equipment with an extraordinary working lifespan and unrivalled retained value.
LEXICON – Audio Processing, Products, Professional Desktop Recording
LITTLITE – Gooseneck Lamps & Accessories
MACKIE – Amplifiers, Loudspeakers, Mixers, Powered Monitors, Replacement PartsMackie, a LOUD Technologies Inc. brand, is known worldwide as a leading developer and marketer of high-quality, affordable professional audio systems. Mackie products can be found in professional and project recording studios, video and broadcast suites, post production facilities, sound reinforcement applications including churches and nightclubs, retail locations and on major musical tours. Mackie products are marketed by 54 distributors to more than 100 countries around the world.
MIDDLE ATLANTIC - High End Racks, Shelves, Panels, Gangable Floor Standing Enclosures, Slide Out Racks, Wall Mount Racks and Cabinets, Floor Standing Stand Alone Racks, Mobility Racks, Specialy Racks for Various Applications, Technical Furniture, Lecterns, Solutions for AV Storage, Speciality Display Mounts and Walls, Power Distibution For Racks With Series Portection And DC Power, UPS Power Backup Systems, Racks For Home Theatre
MIDAS - Professional Mixers
NEUTRIK – Audio Connectors & Accessories
NEXO – High Quality Loudspeaker Systems, Line Arrays, Replacement Parts
NUMARK – Accessories, CD Players, DJ Mixers, Turntables
OAP AUDIO - Installation Loudspeaker Systems
Engineered Series™, Pro-Ax Series™, Concert Series™, Stage Monitor Series™, Navigator Series™, C-Series™, Q-Series™, LTD Series™, V-Series™, VS8-Series "Vertical Stack"™, AS-Series™
OKAYO – Wirless Tour Guide System, Assistive Listening, Museum Tour Guide Systems, Factory Tour Guide System, Plant Tour Guide System, Portable PA System, Wireless Microphone Systems, Wireless Audio Router System, Digital Wireless Conference System, Noise Free Group Guide System, Wireless Business Audio Conference System, GPS MultiTour System, Wirelss Audio Guide, Wireless Coach Communication System, Multimedia Tour Guide System, Classroom Soundfield System, Wireless Portable Sound System
Optoma is a world leading designer and manufacturer of projectors for business, education, professional audio/video and home entertainment. Optima is an award winning Projector Brand. For nearly two decades Optima has been one of the few manufacturers to specialise in projection. Systematically Optoma has contributed a product into every new development of projection and has pioneered new award-winning products on more than one occasion, targeting a spectrum of applications and environments. Optima’s innovative products are carefully crafted to deliver crystal clear images of unrivalled quality by incorporating the latest DLP® technology from Texas Instruments, together with advanced optical engineering expertise and dedication to superb product quality. Optoma India along with Semcon India is the leading supplier for Projector for different segments Business, Education and Home Entertainment. Business Projectors, Home Theater Projectors, 4K Projectors, DLP Projectors, 1080p Full HD Projectors.
PAS LOUDSPEAKERS – Replacement Parts
PRESONUS – Computer Recording Interfaces, Microphone Preamplifiers, Signal Processing
PRODUCTION INTERCOM - Accessories, Beltpacks, Headsets
QSC - Amplifiers, Loudspeaker Systems, Network Audio, Digital Signal, Software Dowloads, Entertainment / Musicians DJ's, Installed Sound, Concert systems, Cinema, Accessories
RANE – Delays, DJ Products, Equalizers, Mixers, Signal Processing
A NW original, Rane is an established innovator in providing problem-solving professional audio tools, affordably priced, with unequalled reliability. Rane builds a full line of audio products including Crossovers, Delays, Commercial Music and Paging Processors, Preamps, Equalizers, Mic/Line Mixers, DJ Mixers, Software Controlled DSP devices and Vocal Processors. Rane is a CobraNet licensee, building Digital Audio network preamps allowing multiple channel distribution on Ethernet.
RAPCO - Cables, Snakes, Metal Works
ROLLS – Amplifiers, Interface Accessories, Mixers, Signal Processors, Signal Sources
SABINE – Feedback Eliminators, Signal Processing 
SENNHEISER – Assistive Listening, Conference Systems, Headphones & Headsets, Microphones, Wireless Systems
SHURE – Accessories, Microphones, Mixers, Replacement Parts, Wireless Systems
SKB CASES – Enclosure Solutions, Equipment Racks
SKB is a manufacturing company dedicated to travel and storage protection needs for musical, pro audio and light applications
SOUND-CRAFT SYSTEMS - Presentation Furniture, Sound Reinforcing
Sound-Craft Systems, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of lecterns, custom presentation furniture, portable sound, patented, portable public address systems and more.
SOUNDCRAFT – High Quality Mixers for Touring and Installation
SP CONTROLS - Control Systems
SP Controls is the manufacturer of projector control systems including products such as the SmartPanel and CatLinc family.
SURGEX – Power Conditioners, Surge Suppressors
Professional surge protectors and AC power conditioners - whole room power conditioning and surge suppression from the World Leader in Power Conditioning
SWITCHCRAFT – Audio Connectors
Manufacture connectors, jacks and plugs, jackfields, jack panels, cable assemblies and patch cords and switches.
TANNOY – Speaker Systems
Tannoy has a unique heritage in audio and has set industry standards for quality for over 75 years. Always at the forefront of technology the company designs and manufactures premium audio solutions for residential, commercial and professional applications.
TASCAM – Accessories, GigaStudio, Mixers, Recorders & Players
Recording gear for any size studio.
TC ELECTRONIC - Delay & Effects, Reverb, EQ & Dynamics, Audio Interfaces, Plug-ins, PA, Studio Monitors, Voice Products
Be your own guitar hero, indeed! Dial in your tone with t.c. electronics effects. Oh yeah, they do P.A.'s and studio stuff too.
TEAC - Receivers & Tuners, Tape Decks, CD, DVD Players
TELEX – Intercom Products, Microphones, Tape Duplicators
TOA – 70 Volt Systems, Megaphones, Paging Products, Speakers
Sound and communication products for professionals.
TURBOSOUND LOUDSPEAKERS & PARTS – High Quality Loudspeakers for Installation, Touring, Replacement Diaphragms, Amplifier Modules, Drivers, Recone Kits, Replacement Loudspeakers, Front Grills, Passive Crossovers
VUTEC – Video Projection Screens, Accessories
VUTEC is one of the world's leading video projection screen manufacturers. We manufacture fixed, motorized, retractable and masking screens.
WHIRLWIND - Digital Audio Products, Snakes
Whirlwind offers the largest range of professional interfacing products in the world and the finest most extensive custom service capabilities available.
We've earned a reputation not only for innovation, but for building rugged take-any-kind-of-abuse products. Most Whirlwind products are made right here in the USA, and have been for over 25 years.
WILLIAMS SOUND - Assisted Listening, Wireless Systems
Williams Sound has been providing hearing assistance technology to customers worldwide for over 30 years. "Helping People Hear" is not just our motto, it is the core of our business philosophy.
YAMAHA PRO AUDIO – Consoles, Mixers, PA Systems, Power Amplifiers, Replacement Parts, Signal Processing, Speakers
Yamaha Pro Audio offers a complete line of professional audio products for the live sound and sound reinforcement markets.